Cory and Dan discuss their love of all things comedy, what got them started, and where they stand now.  Also, Cory aggressively attacks ghosts and we've got an intro!!!! (kind of)

Cory and Dan discuss the spirit world, ghosts, mediums, telepaths, and pretty much anything else supernatural.  They also try to avoid religion like the plague.

Cory and Dan are running on fumes and discuss Christmas traditions, Lady Santa, and just general irritation with people getting butt-hurt.  

Cory and Dan intended on talking about crazy jobs/coworkers, but Cory insists on talking about poop.  

Cory and Dan recap Christmas and talk about movies.  Cory unveils his love of vests.

Cory and Dan close out the year with a recap of 2018, some arguing, some laughter, and the hunt for a better word than "horny."

Cory and Dan discuss going down rabbit-holes, YouTube's addictive qualities, and they go down rabbit-holes in the process.

Cory and Dan discuss getting fat, Bird Box, and fan boys ruining movies.

Cory and Dan decide to throw away all dignity and talk about poop to open the show.  After the toilet talk, the boys discuss viral catchphrases what has stuck for them.

Cory and Dan discuss family and loss, then jump to smashing fake martial artists.

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